Steve Albini & Ian Mackaye Interview (2015) music

King's Quest 1 Speedruns are wild! gaming

Geinoh Yamashirogumi music

Akira: Quick Action Recorder movies

Super Mario 64’s Invisible Walls Explained Once and for All gaming

Brainfreeze music

Folk Implosion - Nothing Gonna Stop music

Peach Kelli Pop III music

Cog Music Player music

The Origins of 'Hella' personal

Burning Spear music

ESG - UFO music

How I use Org-Roam for Notes personal

Tekken 8 - "Story So Far" with Brian Cox gaming

3rd Grade Journal Entry personal

Paul Rodriguez Crazy Trick

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Peel Session 1984 music

Happy 2024 personal


Space Quest 3 Glasses personal

Dad Please! Buy me Hot Rod personal

A leaky TODO list personal

Movies July 2023 movies

RIP Champion the Cat personal

Best Paper Award at Usenix ATC '23! personal

Using Nix for dotfiles and stuff personal

Book: Alien^3 - The Unproduced Screenplay by William Gibson books

Muchi Muchi Pork MAME Overlay gaming

On Calculus personal

Stuff! 2023 Week 17

Stuff! 2023 Week 12

Links! 2023 Week 11

Good Shmup Timing

Links! 2023 Week 10

MAME Lua Scripting

Links! 2023 Week 9

Links! 2023 Week 8

Links! 2023 Week 6

Links! 2023 Week 5

JAMMA Input Display in Rust

Links! 2023 Week 4

MAME Debugger Intro

Happy 2023


2022 Favorites

This site now uses AWS Amplify

Uncle Dennis

Joined the 512kb.club

Fail Open/Fail Closed

New Bike

One Page, One Request

"How I Experience the Web Today"

Let's Go by Train!

MiSTer + MT32-pi

Karate Kid Part III

Cho Ren Sha 68k 1-ALL

Happy 2022

Use Neko to watch stuff with friends


Big Biking Update 2021

Tournament of Van Damme Tournament movies

CPS-2 InfiniKey

Shutting down nwstg.com nwstg

Route 53 DNS Updater

The Heilmeier Catechism

Farewell Fry's Electronics

MiSTer FPGA First Impressions


Happy Holidays 2020

Bye Bye Instagram

Seabrook September 2020 personal

Outdoor Wifi

Mushihimesama Maniac 101 Million gaming

Action Star TODO List

Biker Boyz vs. Torque

New Domain = pdp.dev

Arcade Capture Setup

Video Tag

Raspberry Pis in the House

MacBook Pro 16"

Death Wish movies movies

Biking March 2020, WFH, COVID-19 biking

Video Game Music music

Biking February 2020 biking

Biking January 2020 biking

2019 Biking End biking


Dodonpachi easy cheezy 1-ALL gaming

Ramona June

Biking October 2019 biking

Biking September 2019 biking

Biking August 2019 biking

Input Display Style Improvements gaming

Biking July 2019 biking

Metric Century Ride biking

HEY Shmup List gaming

Espgaluda 1CC 27,436,670 gaming

Final Fight Fixed! gaming

Biking June 2019 biking

Vashon Island Biking biking

Biking May 2019 - Bike Every Day and BelRedSamMerSea biking

Bicycle Sundays biking

Biking February 2019 biking

Biking January 2019 biking

Muchi Muchi Pork 1-ALL 135,255,400


2018 Biking End biking

Remote Coin Insertion gaming

Japan Trip 2018 personal

Biking Sept 2018 biking

Mercer Island Loop biking

Biking to Burgers - North Lake Washington loop biking

Biking August 2018 biking

Vacation bike ride #3: West Seattle biking

Hugo and Lambda

Vacation bike ride #2: South Lake Washington loop biking

Quick Bike Ride, Arcade PCB Storage biking gaming

Vacation bike ride #1: Seattle-Redmond loop biking

Posting to Hugo from my phone

Biking July 2018 biking

Packard Bell

Biking April / May / June 2018 biking

Biking March 2018 biking

Biking February 2018 biking

Amazon Spheres

Ketsui 103 Million gaming

Biking January 2018 biking



Mushi Futari BL God Mode 1.2 billion! gaming


Ibara PB = 8.4m gaming

100 Mile Week biking

Biking July 2016 biking

Biking June 2016 biking

Muchi Muchi Pork V1.01 1-ALL gaming


2015 Biking Results biking

October Biking Update biking

Early June Biking Update biking

Input Display Improvements gaming

March Biking Update biking

February Biking Update biking

January Biking biking

Side Arms and Happy New Year gaming


Muchi Muchi Pork 1-ALL gaming

JAMMA Input Display gaming

Sega Naomi Netboot gaming

Muchi Muchi Pork PCB gaming

KevinDDR Battle Garegga Letter Score [nwstg] gaming nwstg

Contra 1cc gaming


CPS-2 Fan Replacement gaming

Site Move personal

In the Hunt PCB gaming

Ikaruga Stage 2 S-Rank [nwstg] gaming nwstg

wnka Ketsui 1CC [nwstg] gaming nwstg

KevinDDR plays Radiant Silvergun [nwstg] gaming nwstg

RayForce at Full Tilt [nwstg] gaming nwstg

Northwest STG gaming nwstg

wnka plays Ibara [nwstg] gaming nwstg

KevinDDR Cardinal Sins 86mil [nwstg] gaming nwstg

Cardinal Sins tournament [nwstg] gaming nwstg

Marus plays Pink Sweets [nwstg] gaming nwstg

Another Ketsui 1cc at Full Tilt gaming

Raystorm PCB GET gaming

Ketsui 1cc at Full Tilt gaming

Rayforce gaming

Another Astro City gaming

Moving an Astro City gaming


Mushihimesama 1CCs at Full Tilt gaming

York Sunset gawker

Mushihimesama Futari Black Label Maniac 1CC gaming

Gawker and Mountain Lion gawker

Ketsui Arrange 1.5 gaming

June Pickups gaming

Ketsui Arrange gaming

Strider PCB Fixed gaming

Astro City Super Sound gaming

New PCBs 2 gaming

Full Tilt Ice Cream gaming

Battle Garegga 4.86 Million gaming

Neo-Geo gaming

CPS-2 Suicide Batteries gaming

Ketsui 1-ALL 1cc gaming

Amiga to Jamma gaming

Mushihimesama Maniac 1CC gaming

Playing Arcade Games with no Cabinet gaming

New Arrivals gaming

Seven Years

Mushihimesama Maniac Mode gaming

Nostalgic Capcom PCBs gaming

Astro City Monitor Calibration gaming

Marquee Light Replacement gaming


Easy Astro City Speaker Upgrade gaming

Paewang Revolution gaming

Happy Holidays from Astro City gaming

Gawker 0.8.4 gawker

Gawker Videos gawker

Espgaluda 1cc gaming

Cave PGM Boards gaming

Gawker is Lion Compatible (sort of) gawker

Battle Garegga 3mil gaming

Mushihimesama 1CC gaming

New PCBs gaming

Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 1cc gaming

Mushihimesama Futari Black Label 1CC gaming

Xbox 360 to JAMMA Progress gaming

Mushihimesama Futari 1CC gaming

1943 gaming

Sideways Monitor Iterations gaming

Sega Astro City gaming

Emacs Color Themes emacs

Gawker Status gawker


Gawker 0.8.3 gawker

Gawker 0.8.2 gawker

Use Macam to Improve Gawker's Camera Support gawker

Gawker 0.8.1 gawker

If Gawker Crashes on Startup gawker


You May Now Give Me Money gawker

Snail Racing gawker

Gawker 0.8 gawker

Gawker from Python gawker

Intel and PPC Argument Evaluation computers

Start Time gawker

Gawker 0.7.0 gawker