Now that I’m an arcade cabinet owner (squeeee!) I am thinking about what PCBs to buy. While I’d like some Cave/Raizing/Taito stuff, I figured I’d start with something common and nostalgic: 1943

The PCB is actually two boards connected with ribbon cables. It’s awesomely large.

I played this game a lot when I was younger. I had (and beat) the NES version and played it in the arcade as well.

The wonderful thing about 1943 was that I could exploit the fact that my dad was really into World War II. He still is, however now I have my own money so I don’t need to leverage his interests to get him to buy video games. Back then, I needed all the help I could get to convince him to buy a game, and P-38s helped a lot.

So he bought us the game, my brother and I would play it, and while we dodged bullets he’d try to turn it into a history lesson. He’d try to tell us about The Battle of Midway and Richard Bong and we’d sit there with our mouths open staring at the screen. However, apparently it did rub off somewhat because I know enough to name drop Richard Bong.

There are some great memories there, plus it’s a good game and can be easily had for a reasonable price.

Let the collecting begin…