Biking January 2020

In January I biked 309 miles which is pretty great. My paternity leave ended on Jan 6 and every day I went into work in January I biked1. Biking is by far the best way for me to get to work since it takes a very consistent amount of time. No traffic or late busses to deal with.

Consistency is super important to my schedule these days since with a kiddo at home I need to plan out my day a lot more than I used to. I’ve been working pretty fixed hours and ensuring that I’m home at a certain time to help out my wife with the baby.

Weather has been really rainy, even for Seattle. I use two paniers/saddlebags to transport my stuff, which includes a change of clothes since I shower at work. Things that have really helped with riding comfortably in the rain:

  1. Waterproof shoes
  2. Waterproof gloves
  3. Wool socks
  4. Balaclava

I also mixed in 10 minute Peloton “cool down” rides after I got home each day and rode to the grocery store on weekends to get in more miles. In February I’m going to continue commuting but I might cool it on other rides and try to do something else with that time. I kinda miss video games…

  1. I didn’t bike to work on my wife’s birthday since we went and had a nice breakfast. Reasonable exception! ↩︎