Biking March 2020, WFH, COVID-19

Biking has taken a hit because I just don’t really want to go outside. COVID-19 is upon us and my biggest concern about biking outside is more around falling and getting hurt and needing to go to the overwhelmed hospital than anything else. Peloton has been absolutely fantastic during this craziness and my wife and I are both doing rides daily… or at least trying to. In March, I biked 133 miles for a total this year of 656 miles.

My last day in the office was Wednesday March 4th. Working from home all day with a 5 month old in the house has been interesting. It’s been tough when I hear Ramona fussing or crying… I instinctively want to help out and feel guilty when I don’t, but the biggest helper with that is just communication with my wife and setting expectations. For this time range, consider me at work. Outside of that range, I’m at home.

Breaking up the day has been super important and doing a Peloton ride in the middle of the day helps a lot. A longer ride of 45 minutes works well to give me enough time to really get my mind off things and actually feel like I’m taking a break, shorter rides feel like quick asides that I’m just waiting to be over with so I can get back to what I was working on.

Overall, I’m lucky throughout all this. It is stressful with concerns about older family members and either me or my wife getting isolated from Ramona. Everything has a thicker layer of anxiety, from going to the grocery store to passing someone while out on a walk. Positives are that we have been cooking a lot and spending time in our backyard. I get to spend a lot more time with Ramona which is great. So, onward!