3rd Grade Journal Entry

In the 3rd grade, our teacher had us write a journal. My mom recently found it and I made a PDF out of it. This entry is now 35 years old:

See below
My 3rd grade teacher probably wasn't familiar with Eazy-E.

Janurary 18, 1989

I felt bad this morning because I tried to record some music called Eazy-E but I ended up recording nothing. The rest of my day I felt fine.

Having an older brother and older neighbor kids meant I got exposed to a lot of “age inappropriate” music. We had borrowed a neighbor’s vinyl copy of Eazy-E’s Eazy Duz It and I was trying to tape it but I messed up. We eventually did tape it successfully.

My parents had very different views of that music. My mom didn’t like it for very obvious reasons and we had to hide our tapes, but my dad thought it was absolutely hilarious. His favorite line was “So let me tell you motherfuckers who you’re fucking with” from Gangsta Gangsta. YouTube link at the right timestamp. That always made him laugh so hard.