Another Astro City

I got another Astro City cabinet! A friend of mine found that he wasn’t using his cab as much as he thought he would and wanted to sell it. With our recent move, we have more space, so I bought it.

It’s funny, because when he was thinking about buying this cab about a year ago, I told him that if he ever wanted to sell it, he could sell it for what he paid for it and joked that if he ever did want to sell it I would probably buy it. I was right.

He bought this cab from the same guy I bought mine from and I had played on it at shmupmeets, so I knew what I was getting.

It’s a New Astro City which is basically the same as a regular Astro City, except the speakers and monitor are different. Personally, I think the speakers are uglier than an Astro City, but that’s mostly because the plastic tends to yellow due to age. Some folks spray paint them white to cover up the yellowing, which I’ll probably do myself soon.

As I commented before, separating the two halves of the body on these cabinets is a huge pain. Thankfully in order to get it into his apartment he already had to disassemble it, so all the screws were loose which made it easy to take apart. We had it broken down and loaded into a U-Haul van in about 30 minutes.

Monitor and Bezel in U-Haul
Back Half and Control Panel in U-Haul

We got it into my house, reassembled, and working in no time. Piece of cake!

My existing Astro City has been for shmups so I’ve kept the monitor vertical. I’ve always wanted another cabinet so that I could play horizontal games, and these two look great side-by-side!

Two Cabs!