Another Ketsui 1cc at Full Tilt

I 1CC’d Ketsui again at Full Tilt, this time with the Wide Shot ship (Tiger Schwert) which is my first ever with that ship type. I had to tweak my strategies a little since this ship moves slower than the other ship type, but I found it’s faster lock on speed and wider shot to be pretty helpful in dealing with stage 5 where there are a lot of popcorn enemies all over the screen. Stage 5 is always a pain though, to me Ketsui has two parts: everything leading up to stage 5, then stage 5.

I was at Full Tilt with my wife and she recorded the end of the run… I didn’t even have to ask, she knows what’s up!

'Final score: 88,755,366'

That’s my best 1cc score evar! I’m going to be playing more with that shot type and aim for getting to the second loop. I think with a little practice I could reach the easier 2nd loop…