Astro City Super Sound

The speakers I swapped into my Astro City were a big improvement over the stock ones, however 8" drivers can only do so much. Thankfully, there’s an easy and cheap way to get RCA outputs on a cabinet using a high-to-low converter.

Basically all this little box does is take the amplified signal going to the speakers and converts it down to line levels. Typically these are used in car stereos when hooking up after market amplifiers to stock radios. Once you have the signal at line level, you can use the RCA jacks up to hook up to a home stereo or computer speakers. My cab is now hooked up to a set of computer speakers that have a subwoofer and, as you might imagine, games sound so much better. Shmups and bass!

Here’s the box stashed underneath my control panel.

All I did was wire up the L and R channels from the box to a 4-pin AMP-UP connector that plugs into the speaker connector under the control panel. + on the right, - on the left. You don’t have to pay attention to which is L and which is R since JAMMA games are mono. I can easily swap back to using the cabinet speakers by just swapping that 4-pin connector. I don’t like permanently modding my cab, so this solution is easy to revert if I ever need to just use the stock speakers.