Big Biking Update 2021

Biking updates used to be frequent and celebratory of new milestones reached. I’ve been biking in 2021, but not in the same way I used to.

In March 2021, someone stole my bike, my trusty Cannondale CAADX Rival that I had put lots of miles on. I got that bike in June 2015 and had been my combination commuter and long ride bike. It was in our detached garage and someone peeked in the window, said ‘hey nice unsecured bike’, picked the garage lock and rode away on it. I thought I had covered the window with a piece of cardboard to prevent someone from looking in, but it had slipped and left a crack. I have since added better defenses.

I had the bike registered on Bike Index and posted that it had been stoled and also filed a police report, but it was gone gone gone. Regardless, Bike Index is a fantastic service and if you have bikes you should register them there!

So now I needed a new bike, and ever since becoming a dad I haven’t really had time to go for long epic bike rides. I still wanted a bike for commuting and running errands, so I got a Vanmoof S3 which is an e-bike and has been working really well. I’m lucky in that Seattle is home to one of the few Vanmoof stores so I was able to test drive one. I cannot stress how great having an e-bike is. Previously going somewhere on a bike was a bit of a chore but now it’s a no brainer. Want to run to the grocery store? No sweat, literally! Want to ride into the office? For me, biking is the best way to get there.

I got a bike seat that so that I could take Ramona with me on rides. She loves it!

I convinced my wife to get in on the action and she got a big cargo e-bike that she really likes. We’re doing family bike rides now!

Basically, I don’t use biking for fitness anymore. For fitness I use the Peloton which is a better workout anyway. I would like to eventually get back into biking long distances without electronic assistance, but that’s going to require buying (yet) another bike!