Biking June 2019

I biked a lot in June and wrapped the month up with a ride around all of Lake Washington.

I’ve covered all this ground in separate routes, but with the longer rides I’ve been doing I figured it was time to do the whole thing at once. I lucked out with weather, it was a beautiful sunny day. I went clockwise around the lake. I left at about 8am and stopped at Metropolitan Market in Sand Point, right off the Burke Gilman trail, for some coffee and a breakfast of eggs and sausage. I also picked up some snacks for the road, like meat and cheese, a hummus snack pack, and a cookie.

From there I rode up and over Juanita Hill down into Kirkland and through Bellevue. I stopped at Coulon Park for a double cheeseburger from Kidd Valley, some rest, reapplication of sunscreen, and a water refill. Then I went around the Boeing plant at the south end of the lake, up to Seward Park, then along the west side of the lake to back home.

All in all, 50.6 miles. Not too bad.

I also did 4 commutes to work by bike this week, so I rode a total of 102.2 miles!

For the month of June, I biked 344.6 miles! This is a new monthly record!

So far in 2019 I’ve biked 893 miles!