Vacation bike ride #1: Seattle-Redmond loop

I was hitting my vacation limit at work so I took this week off. My wife is in peak wedding season with her photography business so we’ll probably just stay around town. My goal is to bike 100 miles this week while I’m off and explore some new routes. Today I rode 37.6 miles doing a loop from Seattle to Redmond. This route is pretty nice, it’s flat and easy until you hit Redmond and start on the 520 trail, which has some hills but nothing too rough. My plan is to alternate hard days with easy days. Today was a hard day, so tomorrow I’ll ride to get coffee or something, then Wednesday I plan on doing a loop of crossing both the 520 bridge and the I-90 bridge. My back is giving me a little bit of pain but I’m stretching a lot so hopefully it holds.

Route / Stats:

Full Strava activity here.

Pictures from along the way:

Soundtrack for the ride:

  • The Fall - Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology - iTunes / Spotify