Vashon Island Biking

This past weekend I biked from my house to West Seattle, where I caught a ferry to Vashon Island and then did some biking there. My wife loves Vashon Island so she drove our car separately and we met up on the island for a nice dinner at The Ruby Brink. Yummy meal!

Biking to West Seattle to get on the ferry was easy, I got to ride through downtown Seattle on 2nd Ave which has a nice separated bike lane you can comfortably ride down. I took the long way around West Seattle so I could ride along Alki Beach and enjoy the views of the Puget Sound.

Biking onto the ferry was easy and cheap, $6 to ride for me and my bike. Once you get off the ferry, you’re faced with this giant hill you have to climb to get to the main street of Vashon Island. It’s about a mile long and pretty steep, plus there’s only a narrow shoulder and all the cars getting off the ferry are passing you. Not pleasant like the 2nd Ave bike lane but not too bad.

I didn’t do a ton of biking around the island but I will definitely head over there again and do more riding. I didn’t ride my bike home but instead threw it in the back of our car and rode with my wife.

Great way to spend a beautiful day in Seattle.

Route / Stats:

Full Strava activity here and here.

Pictures from along the way: