Biking April / May / June 2018

Unfortunately, my biking has really slowed down over in recent months. I did something (it’s never clear what) to injure my back in May. I took it easy for a little bit and healed up, then went for a long 30 mile ride in the middle of June which went great and felt great, but the next day my back was screwed up again and worse than it’s been in years.

I’ve gone to physical therapy in the past and was doing exercises they gave me to try and heal up, but they weren’t really helping. I found a new physical therapist that gave me a single stretch to do (basically yoga cobra pose) and I’ve been doing that diligently. Coworkers can find me on the floor next to my desk stretching at least twice a day. I’m slowly getting better. So I do that stretch, stand at my desk, and walk a lot. I’m writing this sitting in my favorite donut spot, which I walked 3 miles to get to this morning.

Sadly I’m probably not going to bike again until late July, but I look forward to being pain free which is the priority right now.

  • April miles: 52
  • May miles: 40
  • June miles: 58

2018 total miles: 604