Biking July 2016

Man, I did a lot of biking in June. Our early morning Saturday rides are serious business! Last blog post I was at 419 miles for the year, as of now I’m at 653 miles. That’s 234 miles in a month!

I commute to work at least 2 times a week by bike (10 miles round trip), but I’m getting to the point where my 40 mile per week goal is met with just our Saturday rides. Last Saturday was a 42 mile ride from UW to Woodinville and back. This Saturday was a 38 mile loop of UW -> Kenmore -> Kirkland -> Bellevue -> Mercer Island -> UW. That loop was HARD, the hill when you get off the Burke Gilman trail and head into Kirkland is no joke! Helping my climbing muscles for sure.