Cho Ren Sha 68k 1-ALL

I cleared the first loop of the game, which means I beat stages 1-6 + stage 0 on one credit. I game over’d on the first stage of the second loop (stage 2-1). I’ve been playing the game a little bit thanks to the new Sharp X68000 core for MiSTer. This just started off as a casual run, I wasn’t swinging for the fences or anything, but this led to me playing conservatively and bombing a lot. The real game changer was that I got better at the ‘collect all 3 powerups’ trick, which really helps drive up your score, which then helps you get extra lives.

1-all Score
2-1 means I made it to the second loop!

It’s a great game! The soundtrack is fantastic, you can buy it or enjoy it on YouTube.

If you want to know all about this game, watch the STG Weekly episode that covers it!