Contra 1cc

I didn’t play many games seriously in 2013, mostly due to work being very demanding and just not having the time to really get into a game. Sadly, I didn’t 1CC a single game in 2013 that I hadn’t 1CC’d before. I spent most of my gaming time setting up my cabinet so that I could stream from it and had some fun with that. I put the details of my setup here on the Shmups Forum if you’re interested.

It’s now 2014 and I will hopefully have more time to play games. In my few days off around the holidays, I wanted to try and 1CC something and ease myself back into playing arcade games. I picked Contra. Everybody knows Contra and I own the PCB. Contra on NES is a really hard game, but the arcade game isn’t so bad, at least with the dip switch settings mine was randomly set to.

I played the game for about 3 hours on New Years Day and reached the big beating heart final boss. The next day on my 3rd credit of the day I beat it. I was streaming (with no one watching) and captured the run.

The video does some weird things, my capture card doesn’t seem to be able to handle the 57hz refresh rate of the arcade PCB. Oh well, sorry!

I have set some STG/shmup goals for 2014, I’ll post more about those later. I ordered a new PCB from Japan that I’m super excited about and will write about when it arrives. But for now, this Contra 1CC will serve as a good start to the year!

Happy New Year!