You’ve likely heard this song, it’s been sampled by a lot of hip-hop tracks. The group is ESG, and the song is UFO from their first EP.

The original song - you listen to it and it doesn’t sound like anything that exceptional.

Now, that EP was originally issued on a 45 RPM vinyl record. If you take that song and play it at 33 RPM, which will slow it down, you get something that sounds craaaaazy!

Slowed down to 33 RPM - This is what has been sampled a ton. Wikipedia says over 500 songs.

Some favorites that sample it:

  1. Big Daddy Kane - Ain’t no Half Steppin’ - I mean, this song is amazing. One of my favorite rap songs of all time.
  2. Stezo - It’s my turn - I think this dude was a dancer for EPMD or something? Another classic, also samples Atomic Dog - George Clinton and I also think this was the first use of the famous Skull Snaps - It’s a New Day drum break.
  3. Public Enemy - Night of the Living Baseheads - A short use at about 2:10.
  4. J Dilla - Geek Down - It’s JD so of course he chops it up and makes it unique.

Another fun fact: The producer of the EP is Martin Hannett who you might know from producing Joy Division and New Order albums.

As far as other ESG songs go, Moody is my favorite. The trailer for Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla used ESG’s My Love for You which is also a pretty rad song.