Full Tilt Ice Cream

There is a place here in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle called Full Tilt Ice Cream. It’s amazing.

They have ice cream, pinball, arcade machines, and beer.

Recently a friend of mine became the operator of all the machines at this location. This is the same guy who used to run the Pink Gorilla arcade in the University District and the same guy I bought my Astro City cabinet from. He’s a great dude and keeps all his machines in excellent shape.

With a name like Full Tilt, obviously the main attraction is the pinball machines, but there are also some candy cabinets there with shmups, fighting games, and music games.

Currently my Ibara Kuro PCB is on location there in a New Astro City cabinet. It’s crunch time at work so I don’t have a lot of time to play games. I hate having my PCBs sitting around not getting played, so it’s good to get other people enjoying them. We just hooked up the game last night, and already another friend from the shmups scene here in Seattle has beaten my best score and taken the #1 position on the high score board. It’ll be fun to swap strategies, down cold ones and compete for the top spot!

Pretty much every Tuesday a group of us meet there to hang out and play games. If you’re in the Seattle area I would highly recommend heading over to Ballard and checking out Full Tilt!