Happy 2023

The end of 2022 was rough. We all had COVID which meant no daycare for our daughter, my wife had a fever for like a week, I had a bad cough and am still feeling pretty exhausted. We’re all recovered and I’m back at work.

Resolutions? Yea sure! I’d like to start biking to work again, in 2022 I went into the office quite a bit (I’d say average 3 days a week) and every time I rode my e-bike which was fantastic. My non-e-bike didn’t have a bag rack or fenders which made me not want to ride it work, so I fixed that problem and installed that stuff. I did this right before I got COVID, so now I’m all ready to go.

I’d also like to watch less garbage movies and TV. I like, love shitty movies. Cheesy action movies where there’s a shootout in a grocery store and someone gets kicked into a pyramid display of canned goods? Let’s go! This is how I relax and zone out, and it’s highly entertaining. What’s wrong with that? Well there’s nothing really wrong with it but I need to balance it out with some “films”. Since I’m an old man and watch everything with subtitles anyway why not watch some classy stuff? I might try the Criterion Channel and see if that can be a good influence on me. I stumbled across the YouTube channel where people go into the “Criterion Closet” and pick out movies and talk about them. I love stuff like that where people that create things talk about what they love. The music equivalent of this is the “What’s in my Bag?” channel from Amoeba Music.

While I had COVID I watched all the Twilight movies. I had them playing in the background while I slept, so every once in a while I’d wake up and be catapulted into a new part of the saga. That scene in the first movie where they play baseball? That is some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. Edward is supposed to be 120 years old or something and he’s hanging out with high schoolers, what a creep. Could you imagine being 120 years old and having to mingle with high schoolers? Fuck that.

I’d also like to start writing on this blog more. Why not. In 2022 I got off most social media, in the middle of the year I suspended my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I kept my Twitter account because it was what I liked the most. Well we all know what happened with Twitter so I stopped going there too. That Elon guy is just a cruel liar. I got on Mastodon and followed some nice folks there, but ultimately I don’t really feel like posting much on these platforms. I could post a picture of our cats or drop a witty observation, get a few likes or replies, and then just feel empty inside. It’s not worth it to me. This long form rambling is more satisfying to me, so I think I’ll just do that.