In the Hunt PCB

With my PCB collection getting too large for me to realistically play all of my games, I traded 2 games that I never play to get an In the Hunt PCB. The guy I traded with was local here in the Seattle area so I drove out to his house and traded Raiden II and Puzzle Bobble 4 for In the Hunt. I think he got the better end of the deal, but now my collection is smaller and those games will get played. Win win! Plus, I got to see a Taito Egret II cabinet in person, which was pretty neat.

In college an arcade near campus had In the Hunt and I played it quite a bit. On top of the nostalgia, the art style and animation are what really makes this game for me. As an STG, it’s not a great game, but the graphics are awesome. If you’ve played the Metal Slug games then you’ll see some style similarities; this is because members of the team that worked on the game at Irem would later form Nazca and create Metal Slug.

Here’s a video of someone 1CC’ing In the Hunt: