Input Display Improvements

I did some more work on my JAMMA input display recently and its working really well now. Before I had some issues with stuck inputs and it freezing up, but I upgraded to the 1.0 version of socket.io and now it’s rock solid. I also upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 2 which reduced the lag between the inputs and the display.

I’ve been on pager duty for work this week, which means I need to be near a computer at all times in case something goes wrong. That possibility rules out going for a nice long bike ride this weekend, so instead I added to new feature to my input display: remote control!

You can now click/tap on any of the inputs on the display and they will be remotely triggered. Not super handy, but neat! The idea came about when hanging out with KevinDDR while I was teaching him how to play Ketsui and telling him when to bomb to avoid dying. I thought it would be cool to be able to actually do it for him. Someday we’ll get together and try it!