January Biking

Last year I started biking more seriously, sometimes biking to work but mostly doing longer trips on weekends. I gradually increased my miles on the weekend and was soon doing 32 mile rides. I didn’t really set a goal for total miles for the year, but as the end of 2014 approached I noticed I was very close to achieving 1,000 miles so I pushed in the final days of the year and was able to hit that goal!

For 2015 I wanted actually set a goal in advance, so I’m setting a goal of 1,500 miles. I’ll post at the end of each month to give an update on my progress.

By the end of January I had biked 199 miles, establishing a really good pace!

I’m trying to ride 40 miles a week, which I can easily do if I take a longer route to and from work 4 days a week. I’ve been sticking to that schedule and it’s pretty much a habit at this point, so I should achieve 1,500 miles in 2015 as long as I stick with it. Stay tuned!