Links! 2023 Week 6

Better late than never. Short one.


  • So Wassup? Episode 49 | Gang Starr - “You Know My Steez” - This series from DJ Premier is excellent. He covers and breaks down songs he produced and adds background and stories. For example, I didn’t know he and Guru were so close with Branford Marsalis, or that I completely missed out on Group Home. The video for “You Know My Steez” is inspired by THX 1138? Wild!
  • RIP to Trugoy the Dove from De La Soul. “Trugoy” is “yogurt” spelled backwards…


  • More CV1000 Research (now featuring clipping!) - Buffi continues to iterate on CV1000 MAME emulation improvements. His branch of MAME has more improvements based on these new findings, and these are getting closer to getting upstreamed. I built his changes and played some Muchi Muchi Pork, before there was basically no slowdown most of the time but now there is at least some in the expected places. Great to see progress on this!