Links! 2023 Week 4

Every week (I mean… maybe every week) I’m going to share links that I like.


Arcade/Video Games

  • CV1000 CPU Slowdown investigated - The CV1000 is the arcade board that Cave shmups run on. One of the things of importance when emulating those games is accurate slowdown. Those games push tons of bullets onto the screen, and the game naturally slows down due to the CPU not being able to handle everything in the time it takes to draw a frame. The slowdown helps you dodge the more difficult bullet patterns. This is totally by design. MAME can emulate these games, but the slowdown is all wrong which makes the games suuuuper hard. Part of the thrill is when things get so nuts the game can’t handle it, which helps you handle it and feel like a goddamn champion. Buffi is doing a bunch of research into figuring out how to make things more accurate. He submitted a patch set to MAME which I tried out and it definitely improves things.
  • Microsoft Clippy in a Shmup - From Xeno Fighters R, a freeware game. “It looks like you are trying to die a painful death, would you like help?”