Mercer Island Loop

It’s getting to be rainy season here in Seattle, so this ride required a little more suiting up than usual. I have crappy circulation in my hands and feet so those are always the first to get cold. This is easy to fix though with waterproof gloves and shoes. I use these shoes in the rainy season which keep my feet nice and dry.

A coworker told me that biking around Mercer Island is a nice ride, so I figured I’d give that a shot this last weekend. I’ve ridden to and across the island before, but never around the whole thing. It was great, not too hard but with enough hills to make it not boring. My one beef is that there’s not a great place to stop off and rest along the loop since you’re basically on a street winding through a fancy neighborhood. I was starting to get worried about finding a bathroom, but thankfully someone put some portapotties at a pull off spot. You do share the road with cars the whole way around, but people seemed to know how to deal with cyclists so I never felt unsafe.


Total distance: 28.3 miles. Full Strava activity here.


Soundtrack for the ride: