Muchi Muchi Pork 1-ALL 135,255,400

It’s been snowing in Seattle which means a lot of sitting indoors, so this weekend I played some Muchi Muchi Pork and streamed it on Twitch. I was able to improve my 1-ALL score from 127,207,710 to 135,255,400.

My current goal is get on the high score table on my PCB, which I got from Japan back in January 2014 (weird to think that was five years ago) and it has some pretty crazy scores saved on it. For me to even get on the high score table, I would need at least 150 million. Seems doable if I practice and get some of the boss timings down.

Also, I’ve improved my arcade capture setup which I’ll detail in a future post. The sound on this video recorded a little too loud which is why it’s a bit distorted, gotta fix that.