Movies July 2023

The Skin I Live In - What a movie. It’s like a really fucked up weirdo fairy tale. Totally recommended.

It Follows - You read the premise of this movie and it sounds incredibly stupid. But the execution and atmosphere are great. Slow burn. Recommended.

Smile - Very similar to ‘It Follows’ but worse. Take what made ‘It Follows’ different and interesting and replace it with typical horror tropes. Also, the way people treat mental illness in this movie is gross, if someone says something you don’t believe just shout “YOU’RE CRAZY!” at them and run away.

Significant Other - Corny. The male character was so bad.

The Room - The Tommy Wiseau movie. I made it like 5 minutes in and had to turn it off. I like shitty movies and all but this was too much for even me. Thanks for helping me understand my own boundaries.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - It had been many years since I watched this. I don’t really know how I feel about it, and I certainly don’t get it. Why have mechs that need really long power cords? I liked the original ending the best, the one where everyone says “Congratulations” because at least Shinji gained some understanding of himself. Also, the typography and design of big things that flash “WARNING” was top notch.

Rebuild of Evangelion - I watched all 4 parts. I totally don’t get it.

Money Plane - Shit Plane.

Zappa - Documentary about Frank Zappa. I’m not super into his music but it was an interesting doc. I came away from it not really liking him as a person. He cheated on his wife a lot and she knew about it but the policy was “hey we don’t talk about that.” I do like the Mother’s album “we’re only in it for the money” because it makes fun of hippies.

Prometheus + Alien Covenant - Both of these movies suck. I don’t need to know where the Alien eggs came from and what that ship was in the first Alien movie. Having it be mysterious is so much better than this nonsensical horseshit.