Moving an Astro City

Last November my wife and I moved to a new place, so that meant that the ol’ Astro City had to be moved. Piece of cake right?


Now moving the cab from the old place to the new place was pretty easy. However in the new place it needed to go into the basement, which is only accessible from a narrow staircase. This was the battle. The cab had to be broken apart into pieces and then reassembled in the basement. Thankfully, I have friends who have done this before, so I had two of them come over and lend a hand.

I was freaked out about taking the monitor out and carrying that down the basement, I was imagining glass shattering and electrocution. That part was easy.

Monitor safely moved downstairs

The hardest part by far was unscrewing the two halves of the body. Those screws were a complete pain to get out and one had to be severed with a Dremel tool.

Sucks, but it had to be done

Less than ideal, but it was only one thankfully. We also did the “cut a flathead slot with a dremel” trick on one screw, which surprisingly worked!

Once the cab was apart, getting it down the stairs was easy. Here are the pieces:

All the pieces moved

Reassembling everything was a piece of cake, but that first power on was stressful. I hooked up my Street Fighter II: Champion Edition PCB since if things blew up for whatever reason, that board is common and cheap.

Power on success!

Everything worked! Here’s my cab side-by-side with my supergun setup:


I felt much more moved in and at home after the cab got put in its proper place!