Muchi Muchi Pork V1.01 1-ALL

Haven’t been playing a lot of shmups in recent times, but I played some Muchi Muchi Pork on XBox 360 and was able to 1-ALL the game and reach the 2nd loop for the first time!

I own the PCB of this game, which is v1.00 of the game. Differences in v1.01 which is in the XBox 360 port:

  • No silly 2nd loop requirement. v1.00 requires no deaths to reach the 2nd loop. v1.01 only requires a one credit clear of the first loop.
  • The lard meter burns down slower, making the game considerably easier than v1.00.

Thanks to my v1.00 clear, I only needed to play a few games of v1.01 to get to the 2nd loop.

This game is so fun, definitely one of my favorites STGs. The stage 4 and stage 5 bosses remain trainwrecks for me, but thankfully I can keep enough lives in stock to squeak past.

Next goal: Break a billion points in Mushi Futari BL God Mode.