Mushihimesama Maniac 101 Million

I have been spending a little time here and there playing shmups and streaming on Twitch. Today I played a single credit of Mushihimesama Maniac mode and got a new personal best score of 101,210,364! I’m proud to have finally broken 100 million, even though I blew it on the last boss and didn’t get the 1cc.

I don’t exactly what I did to get such a good score, I know I had a high counter coming out of the stage 4 midboss. Need to reproduce this and get the clear!

BTW, the scoring in this game is absolutely insane. This episode of STG Weekly details all the crazy things you can do to get like 3 BILLION points with low shot power and crazy frame perfect autofire tricks. I’m not going to be going for that level, but I do like seeing how I’m hitting the buttons with my input display!