New Arrivals

MORE GAMES! I won these on Yahoo Auctions Japan and used Rinkya for proxy bidding.


My second Cave SH-3 game, I got a good deal on this as it includes PCB, box, instruction strip, POP, and dip switch flyer.


My first Taito game that I only got because it was so cheap, but its actually a pretty excellent game. Its basically an updated version of Qix, which is a game I really like and this version is a cool update.

Mars Matrix

GO PLAY MARS MATRIX. By Takumi, this is my first CPS-2 game. I played this on Dreamcast a ton and am really glad to have the arcade version.

Giga Wing

My second CPS-2 game, another great horizontal shmup by Takumi.

So glad to keep adding great games to my collection!