New Bike

I’ve been really enjoying my VanMoof S3 for commuting and running errands, but I’ve really been missing doing longer rides where I have to exert myself. I bought a new manual bike and have been ramping up on doing rides and climbing hills. I’m so out of shape from where I was… turns out 2 years of pandemic life has taken it’s toll and I’ve added some pounds.

So! I’m going to start biking more. It’s going to be hard to go on super long rides with a toddler at home, but I’ve talked with my wife and we’re just going to plan ahead and set time aside for each other to do independent things. My wife has an e-bike too, and we’ve already done some rides together as a family which as the weather gets nicer here in Seattle is a lot of fun. Picnics at Green Lake, hanging out in the Arboretum, riding over the the UW Center for Urban Horticulture, etc.

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