New PCBs

I got two new arcade boards on June 15th: Mushihimesama and Battle Garegga. I got both of these off of Yahoo Auctions Japan through Rinkya, a proxy bidding service. I was nervous about the whole proxy bidding process, but it went smoothly and I’d use Rinkya again despite their pre-Web 1.0 website.

Mushihimesama PCB Mushihimesama

Mushihimesama Futari, which I recently 1CC’d, is the sequel to Mushihimesama. I had never played it but I liked Futari so much that I wanted to check the original out. So far it’s great, I’ve been playing Original mode a little and progressing nicely. I can reach the 5th level on 1 credit, but then I get annihilated so a 1cc will take more practice. The board has some pretty astronomical scores saved (even in Ultra mode), so whoever had this board before me was a champ. I don’t think I’ll ever beat those scores!

Battle Garegga PCB Battle Garegga

Battle Garegga is a massively complicated game. I’ve played it a little in MAME and really liked the aesthetic and feel (the music is fantastic), so I sprung for the original board. I haven’t been playing it much since I’ve been focusing more on Mushihimesama, but I’m happy to have this in my collection. I’ll get around to it soon…

It’s getting to the point where I have too many great games to play and no time to play them. I need to put some serious time into these before I grow my collection anymore. There is a Raiden II board headed my way, but after that I’ll need to chill. Besides, I have a wedding that needs planning.