KevinDDR Battle Garegga Letter Score [nwstg]

KevinDDR says:

Well, I finally did it! I’ve wanted to get a letter score in Garegga for a long time, and I’m glad that I managed to pull it off in the end. This run was pretty exciting; it had quite a few ups and downs as well as some hilarious close calls. I pulled off a great flamingo score, but butchered my medal chain before stage 3. Despite that, I still managed to keep on pace for 10M throughout the game. When I passed the stage 6 turret wall and miraculously picked up the search options after dying, I knew I would make 10M if I could just survive to 9M and get the extend. I managed to hoard enough bombs for Black Heart 2, and a few BOMBAHs later, the letter score was mine! Shout outs to PDP80 for letting me borrow his Garegga board for a while and setting up the stream. Also, I’d like to thank the people watching the Garegga stream for giving me last-minute tips!