Paewang Revolution

In the past, I had padhacked a 360 controller so that I could wire it up to my Astro City cabinet. This is a pain to do and I’ve had 2 of them die on me for no apparent reason.

Thankfully, folks want to mod and build joysticks so there are a few alternatives that don’t require ripping apart a controller. One is called the Paewang Revolution and it is compatible with 360, PS3, and PC. Perfect!

I bought this from Focus Attack, which is a great shop for genuine arcade joystick parts. Their page for the Paewang shows great tutorials and info for getting it working, even a video that completely breaks down how to solder up your stick and buttons to the PCB.

Following all this made the soldering a piece of cake. I ran into some small problems with the small button contact points because I used larger gauge wire than I should have, but other than that it was totally straightforward. Time for some 360 Cave port playin'!