Quick Bike Ride, Arcade PCB Storage

First up, after yesterday’s long bike ride I went for a short ride today, but was able to hit some decent hills in my neighborhood. First big hill was going up into Interlaken Park, which is crazy beautiful and it always blows my mind that something so wooded and peaceful is so close to two freeways. The second hill was going up E Lynn St which then turns into Delmar Dr E and hits Roanoke Park… that hill always looks scary from the bottom but it doesn’t stay that steep for long.

Mileage for the week: 42.4 miles.

Route / Stats:

Pictures from along the way:

Soundtrack for the ride:

Arcade PCB Storage

The other thing I did today was finally get some shelving that will nicely store my arcade PCBs and free up closet space in the basement, something that has driven my wife nuts for years. PCBs come in all different shapes and sizes, making them kind of weird to buy shelves for, plus I had mounted them to wood to keep them from flexing too much but this made them even more cumbersome. I mean, look at the PCB for the 1985 Capcom game Commando. It’s 3 boards stacked and is hella large:

For the larger games, I measured their dimensions without the wood and went to Ikea and found something with drawers that would fit even the largest game. For smaller games (Cave SH3 / PGM) the drawers are big enough for me to keep the wood. Now everything is stored nicely and out of sight.

This is not the final resting place for this cabinet, it’ll go into that closet to the right there, but we gotta make some Goodwill trips first.