Shutting down nwstg.com

Back in 2013, I started a website called Northwest STG where I would post videos from shmup players in the Seattle area. I did a few posts but the momentum and interest fizzled pretty fast, plus people would just post stuff to their Twitter or whatever.

I paid the hosting bill and owned the domain and all that, but I haven’t posted anything since 2014 so I’m shutting it down.

I’m moving the content to this site and all the posts can be seen here. The original source code for nwstg.com can be found in this GitHub repository.

Things change, back then we had enough players to justify such a site. We also had weekly meetups at Full Tilt Ice Cream in Ballard as we were friends with the arcade operator and he set aside a single cabinet for us to rotate STGs on. These are the games we had on that cab (in chronological order):

  1. Espgaluda II
  2. Ibara Kuro
  3. Progear
  4. Giga Wing
  5. Mushihimesama
  6. Gunbird 2
  7. Ketsui
  8. RayForce
  9. Tenkomori Shooting
  10. Raiden Fighters Jet
  11. Armed Police Batrider

It was always to meetup, play some credits, and talk shop with fellow shmup fans. Folks from the shmups forum who visited Seattle would come out and it was cool to meet folks in person. The core group got smaller and smaller over time and so the cab had to be used for non-shmups since as you would imagine a super-hard game that was in Japanese didn’t earn a lot of money. It was fun while it lasted though!