Vacation bike ride #3: West Seattle

Today was the last of the “long ass bike rides” of my vacation, so I rode out to West Seattle. The statement “I’m going to bike to West Seattle” sounds quite gutsy, but it’s really not that far or hard. The goal was to bike to Marination to meet my wife for lunch. After that I biked home a longer way by going between Magnolia and Queen Anne.

I headed out by going south on 10th Ave/Broadway through Capitol Hill, which at some point gains a separated bike lane that is quite comfortable to ride on. I hit Yesler Way and headed west into downtown to meet up with the Elliott Bay trail. I got a tiny bit lost on the way while going through the bike lane on 2nd Ave which was packed with homeless people hanging out. I certainly felt out of place…

Once on the Elliott Bay trail it was easy to follow the signage and reach Alki Beach. We had lunch, then I headed back a longer way through the Magnolia neighborhood, which was fairly straightforward but had one sketchy part when I had to bike with traffic along the Seattle waterfront. This didn’t last long though and soon I was back on a trail near the Seattle Sculpture Park and went through Magnolia near some railways which was pretty neat.

Total distance: 24.8 miles

To West Seattle Route/Stats

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Pictures heading to West Seattle:

From West Seattle to Home Route/Stats:

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Pictures heading home:

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