Xbox 360 to JAMMA Progress

After a lot of soldering and tinkering, I’ve got my 360 hooked up to my Astro City. Oh man oh man oh man!

I got a JAMMA fingerboard from jammaboards.com. JAMMA is a standard that most arcade cabinets and boards use (after about 1985) and a fingerboard enables you to wire up components to a JAMMA connector. My cabinet has a JAMMA connector, so to hook up my 360 I need to supply video, joystick, and sound signals to that connector.

For the video signal, I hooked my Ultracade UVC up to the video and power pins. Straightforward stuff.

Up next was controls. This was a total pain since I decided to rip apart a wired 360 controller and solder onto the contacts. I’ve done this before when building joysticks and it’s a lot of work. Thankfully, I was able to get it wired up.

Finally, sound. I needed an amp since with JAMMA the game board is responsible for amplifying the sound signal. I ordered an amp off Amazon and wired it up. Worked like a charm!

Champion the cat approves!

So while it all works, it ain’t pretty:

I need to figure out how to contain this mess….